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I’m as good as single now so aswell as providing massage and adult services I also like making new friends, lovers, dating etc (no fees as this is personal and NOT WORK…however I am very selective) WANT TO MEET ME …FANCY ME …. WANT TO TAKE ME OUT …… BE FRIENDS/LOVERS If you require discreet no strings meets then please use my paid for services …see my website below If you are a nice guy who finds me attractive and is interested in getting involved with me outside of my work then you must be polite, kind, respectful to me and understand I am a woman just like most others…. have the need to feel safe, like honesty and openness and have feelings. if it bothers you then i use my looks/body to pay my bill then best you just use my services and move on…. I’m close to Peterborough ; own home etc.. now as good as single; always seeking Mr.Right until then just meeting new guys for dates, friendship, sex and new experiences. I prefer gents aged 21 to 60s, any nationality (white, Asian or ???? )…. any build, married or single, as long as you can meet me and take me out in public (sorry not into hiding when Im dating or with a friend/lover… I do that when I’m working)…. Sugar daddies or mature gents most welcome who can spoil me/take me shopping..even take me away for a day/weekend etc…. I love interracial dating/sex so Asian/Arab/black/mixed race gents aged 21 plus (especially if withinh 40 miles from Pboro) if you fancy me…want to date me/fuck me regular(no fees) then let’s meet for a drink/meal (at your expense)… Local white gents age 21 plus…maybe you seen me about..or seen me in adult videos etc…. well here is your chance to meet me/date me or maybe even become my regular lover…. I’m interested in friends with benefits or guys who I can have a mutual benficial arrangement.
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Im in the UK …. local to Peterborough Bourne Stamford Spalding Deepings Ortons Stanground New England Hampton Grantham Sleaford
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07759 163 298
include your name, age, location, a face pic, a few words about you and tell me what you looking for.. Or ask me out for a drink/meal
I have used dating/swinging sites and apps …keep getting banned I’m often banned on facebook too so if you fancy me/want to date me or more then if you see me about feel free to chat me up/swap numbers. I love a polite friendly guy hitting on me…. we may end up as lovers or friends or both or more…. Or just contact me on here….. as I love meeting guys who fancy me, can be nice to me (even you younger guys 21 plus… I am lovely older lady for you to fuck/enjoy regular so stop being shy or not serious when you make contact with me.. I need more than a “hi….or nice tits”… When I am out and about I see… soo many guys I’d love to date or just get banged by in Peterborough Bourne Stamford etc… ALL ages…younger guys or mature guys..Asians and white guys…. especially love a guy with a nice smile and friendly, like tall, muscular guys , fit slim guys and mature guys with a bit of cuddly softness. So I am open minded and dont have a type… after all I am being a slut and putting out with guys who fancy me and can treat me special …. NO FEES for meets
Curently I am also seeking the following gents with decent car/ maybe a taxi driver or semi-retired etc who can provide me with transport…. we can come to a mutally rewarding arrangement… I will brighten up your life for sure A few local (Peterborough, Bourne etc) younger gents ages 21 to 35 with good physiques, slim to muscular, over 5 ft 8 tall …. nice thick cock to fuck me /pleasure me alone and in front of my useless cuck (now almost ex) …no fees but you must be available once/twice a week…. long term or even a relationship possible … lets meet for a coffee to star… A painter/decorator/handyman to do some work on my home ….. detail upon request…. plenty of naughty experiences can be expected. Really interested in being banged by a few Peterborough Asian, ARAB or pakistani guys who can date me…see me regular… no messing me about… must be well built and tall and able to treat me me out etc Always interested in local very well endowed gents… YES I’m a single slut now… so any of you guys are genuinely over 7 inches plus, thick and can get a solid erection …. I want to meet you….regardless of your looks…. over 9 inches ….even better…. Im on here to experience new things…. was with a guy with a tiny one for years…. Fuck me nice… believe me Im lovely … dirty in bed and come oads once turned on properly… NO TIMEWASTERS… let’s just arrange a meet and fuck soon…. Seeking a new regular lover with a view to a seriously relationship …aged 25 to 60 …. ideally own home/car and solvent…able to provide for all my needs….. let’s meet…i’d make a lovely lady for any guys… Local younger guys aged 21 plus to 40 ….. peterborough, Bourne, Stamford or within 40 miles who may know me/seen me about…even in pics/vids online and want to meet me..fuck me..NO FEES … I’m interested as Im being an easy slut for you local guys… tell your mates too… dont mind being shared as I’m just putting out and having fun for now… white lads most welcome…. Chat me up/swap numbers if you see me in person… I dont bite…just be friendly…. Friends…. Casual lovers…friends etc… seeking new friends…. Im openminded… let’s meet for a drink or meal and see where it may lead… no strings…. no commitment …
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I want to meet, go out on a date or get fucked by as many of you guys as possible…. (no fees as I’m being a slut and seeking new friends/lovers and experiences)… Married or single, young or more mature, slim, muscular or heavy build… i’m open minded… experienced or shy…. TRY ME … tell your mates about…. maybe consider meeting two gents at once (especially local and younger over 21 to 30s) ….. Dont be shy…. you will be glad when you are balls deep in me.. pumpiing me full of your cum…
Phone WhatApp Text Telegram
07759 163 298
include your name, age, location, a face pic, a few words about you and tell me what you looking for.. Or ask me out for a drink/meal email me …click below
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